Smart questions and concise answers.

1. What fabrics and materials can the MOFEX cut?

You can find a simple and quick overview of the most important application possibilities in our application table.

2. When is it profitable to buy a MOFEX?

The MOFEX is a universal electric cutter that can be used in many different industrial applications: not only in the workshops of smaller companies but also in large corporations. However, the MOFEX is not suitable for DIY home improvements.

3. Why is the MOFEX so successful?

The decisive benefit is, as always, a result of our constant detailed R&D work. The motor, blades and accessories are all streamlined to our customers’ requirements. The “drawing cut” system enables exact lines to be cut with a low power output and almost no material wastage. Production processes are more economical through saving material and time.

4. How long is the working life of the MOFEX?

The quality of the MOFEX is excellent. Naturally one can never predict exactly how long an individual cutting tool will function flawlessly. But it should be mentioned here that the MOFEX repair service also has machine tools from the 1970s sent in for repairs. And if it is still economically feasible, they also do the repairs.

5. How do I find out what cutting technology is ideal for the materials I want to cut?

Such queries are best addressed to our "Contact" link. For performing the tests we would in any case need a sample of the material to be cut. We can also give you any information you need on the telephone.